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In this section you will find 3-dimensional interactive files with categorised stairs designs. This is made in O2C (objects to see) format. You can watch the stairs from different angles, turn them, enlarge etc.  The application is very simple and intuitive, you use only the mouse buttons toghether with shift and control.  To see the designs you will need O2C player. It should be installed automatically while trying to open any of the designs first time. You just confirm when the system asks if you want to install the player. If for any reason the automatic installation is not successful, you can install the player manually by clicking on one of the three following links. The installation is very simple and takes no more than 30 sec.

o2c player for Internet Explorer 5,6,7,8,9,10,11

o2c player for Mozilla (Firefox, ...)

O2C player does not work on browsers Chrome and Edge.


Category A                                                        Category A1                                                     Category A2


Category A3                                                        Category B                                                       Category B1


Category B2                                                      Category C                                                      Category D


Category F

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